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Pediatric Intensive Thursday Feb 25, 2021 – Monday March 1, 2021
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This course takes place over five days – the total price for all days is $1100.00, excluding HST. Class size is 18 students. Alix McLaughlin and Robert Harris, founders of the Cranial Therapy Centre Toronto, offer an unique opportunity to learn pediatric Cranial Sacral Therapy [CST] in a 5 day program.  Their 33 years of clinical experience treating infants and children, coupled with decades of teaching Cranial Sacral Therapy will provide you with an in depth pediatric training. You will be empowered by learning new CST techniques which will enhance your current Cranial Sacral Therapy skills and enable you to begin treating children and infants. We have both taught at the Upledger Institute for a combined 22 years and have continued to teach throughout our 42 clinical years. We also contributed to the original design and content of the Upledger pediatric training program. The Cranial Therapy Centre, started in 1987, is the largest and longest standing Cranial Therapy clinic in Canada. Infants and children account for a significant percent of the Centre’s client base and are referred by doctors, naturopaths, midwives, lactation consultants, doulas, mother’s support groups, past clients, as well as many returning parents of growing families. The Cranial Therapy Centre’s courses provide a smaller class size and a more intimate environment to allow for enhanced learning, discussion and dialogue. Personal support is provided as you deepen your current CST skills. Our teachings focus on improving your physical and energetic sensitivities on many levels to the cranial sacral system and more, so that you can treat in a more powerful way. The objective of the course is to enhance and grow your CST skills to successfully treat the intricacies of infants and children. You will learn not only about the techniques, conditions and anatomy unique to infants and children, you will also be enhancing your sensitivities in order to effectively and safely treat these delicate clients. The five-day training will include lectures, practical exercises, new techniques, discussions and demonstrations of assessments and treatments with infants and children. You will learn:
  1. To enhance your sensitivity and perception while performing CST;
  2. To increase the accuracy of the touch of your hands in order to identify what is deep within the body;
  3. How to recognize and perceive, with ease, the CS indicators in therapeutic stillpoints;
  4. How the infant anatomy differs from an adult;
  5. How infant assessment differs from adult assessment;
  6. Treatments beyond protocols;
  7. New techniques for pediatrics;
  8. The effects of pregnancy, labour and delivery on an infant and how to treat them.
  9. The issues associated with normal or long labour, positioning in utero, the effect of twins in the womb, and interventions such as vacuum, forceps, induction, c-section, and epidurals;
  10. Techniques and tools to be energetically sensitive and present;
  11. Precautions and contraindications for pediatric treatment;
  12. Beyond treatment:
    1. When are you ready to treat infants?
    2. How to communicate with parents while gaining their confidence.
    3. How to know that your treatment is working. How to determine your success without getting verbal feedback from your client.
    4. Introducing Pediatrics and building your practice.
For Infants – to identify the signs, symptoms and determine the treatments of various conditions including latching/nursing issues, colic, excessive crying, hyper/hypo tonicity, reflux, digestive discomfort, torticollis, excessive crying, asymmetrical head shape, helmets and ear infections; For Toddlers and Children – to identify the signs, symptoms and determine the treatments for various conditions such as strabismus, learning difficulties, developmental delays, hyper activity, ADD/ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy, and concussion Prerequisites for attending - you must have one of the following:
  • Completion of the CTC’s Craniosacral Training Program: Parts 1, 2 and 3
  • Completion of the CTC’s prior Craniosacral Training Program: Intro, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Osteopathic or CST Training (with knowledge, experience and therapeutic ability to address the CSS, the CSR, the meninges, the cranial bones, sutures, SBJ strains and intra-oral work) Plus + The CTC’s Craniosacral Training Program: Part 1
Please note that completing the CTC’s Craniosacral Training Program (Parts 1 to 3) is advantageous and recommended for all participants. Location: Downtown Toronto @ ‘Phoebe on Queen’ 18 Beverley St. Toronto ON, M5T 3L2 Maximum class size: 18 students. Course Length: 5 Days - 10 AM to 4:30 PM Cost: $1100.00 plus HST Important Notice: Full payment is required at the time of registration. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: or call 416-971-4445.   "As a lactation consultant who works with babies who are experiencing breastfeeding challenges, it has been a huge gift to work with Robert and Alix.  Their ability to meet a baby where they are at, breathe and help the little one move to a better place, is an invaluable adjunct to my practise and a life-long legacy for our smallest and most vulnerable beings." –Shery Leeder, IBCLC  
February 25, 2021 - March 1, 2021
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